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Unruffled Mind !!

Everybody is unique in their beauty, talents and character. Even though we know this fact, most of the people struggle with others behaviour. Can we change people’s character?  NEVER !! People behave differently in different situations. Their way of thinking and perspectives are not similar to anyone else. Their mind has been moulded up basedContinue reading “Unruffled Mind !!”


Know More, Grow More !!

Knowledge acquisition is a consistent and dedicated process, which gives you strength to go forward fearlessly. It has immense capacity to develop your hidden calibre  and provide necessary skills at all levels. Acquired knowledge will never be wasted in life, It is a stored energy for the future. Lack of knowledge either prevents your wayContinue reading “Know More, Grow More !!”

Relationship Signpost

These might sound obvious, but are often forgotten about: LOVE is the strong emotion that connects people and makes the relationship firm. Lack of love makes the relationship fragile. Love is utmost important for lasting relationships. WORDS are really powerful that can make or break any relationship. Strong words exchanged are the villain of theContinue reading “Relationship Signpost”