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Time Management: Be the Master Not the Follower !!

“ If you manage your Time unfailingly, time will be always okay with you.”

I often hear people say “I’m busy, no time for anything” but I always feel it quite weird. Busy means you are doing only some things wanted or unwanted and leaving some necessary things in life incomplete. It will never give you a perfect sense of satisfaction and there would always be a vacuum.

You must be able to keep a balance in all the spheres of your life. Time is one of the key factors that can give you stupendous success.

Few Time management tips are mentioned in the following article:

The most significant thing in life is to learn the way of controlling time. Many people fail in the process of managing their time.


Being disciplinarian is not an easy task, but once you start practicing it without fail; you will surely be able to manage the time. You can inculcate discipline firmly in every aspects of your life.

Fixed schedule

Doing the things that are important to you should be your first priority.

If you set a fixed time for all the activities that you are going to do, you will be able to spend time with your parents, loved ones and friends.

There will be plenty of time for you to invest on relationship building, if you follow a scheduled time. You should have a definite sleep and wake up time. It will allow you to be more in control of time.

Plan & Implementation

Planning is the main foundation of any accomplishment in our life. So you should not fail in proper planning and implementation that too in a stipulated time. Once you focus on it, your brain will remind you to do it at proper time. Nothing is impossible if you are ready to finish your needs in the limited time!

Micro- detailed Analysis

If you are a beginner in time management, you should definitely analyse the things on an hourly basis.

By the virtue of this, you can understand how much productive work you could successfully manage to get done in time. It is a detailed process of your work. After that you will be much improved and can slowly move into weekly, monthly and quarterly based goal settings, which should enable you to complete your projects much faster.

Short term goals

If you have plenty of time, you will not do anything what you want. Hence you must set short term goals and give undeterred focus on it; the result will be more effective.

If you set goals more than two, the attention will be diverted and you will be unable to achieve it within time. So you must set one or two goals in a year for swift accomplishment.

Push yourself

Every time you should have a sense about your time and goals. You should not procrastinate anything for tomorrow unnecessarily and do not waste your time, because you will never get it back in your life. Self -motivated approach is best always and pushes yourself for your bright future.

“Do everything quickly, don’t expect that a good time will come to fulfill your slated objectives.

No one will take responsibility of your work,That is ultimately yours!

Time is enough, if you make good use of it.

Change the thought of ‘ No time’, Utilise it

And Move on to higher state of your being .


Published by Subha Nair

knowledge Acquirer, Teacher & Nature Photography Lover

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