Commit 100% !!

What is your goal ? ( Think! )

How much do you work for it? Less or More ( Ask yourself!)

If your answer is ‘ Less’, you’ve not taken your goals seriously.

If your effort doesn’t work, change the way of preparation.

Try this: what will you do if you are stuck alone in an apartment without any devices or aids? Your survival instinct will set in, Right? That level of desperation is needed to achieve your goal.

Simply put, you can’t achieve your goal if you’re unsure or non-committed. Commit to your goal in ‘letter and spirit’ completely 100%.

“Never Quit Until It Gets Fulfilled”

Relationship Signpost

These might sound obvious, but are often forgotten about:

LOVE is the strong emotion that connects people and makes the relationship firm. Lack of love makes the relationship fragile. Love is utmost important for lasting relationships.

WORDS are really powerful that can make or break any relationship. Strong words exchanged are the villain of the argument instead of the real reason why the argument had started at the first place. Eventually love would disappear from within.

TRUST : Once we break the trust, it will never be regained throughout the life. Secrets which are shared in good faith should not be revealed to anyone at any cost.The breach of trust will lead to the person losing faith completely.

“For a healthy and happy relationship, Love unconditionally, Speak gently and Be trustworthy.

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